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Spray Painting

Spray Painting - Give your car a fresh look

Spray Painting Sydney

Whether you want to give you car a fresh new look or it’s part of the refinishing process after repairs are complete, Camperdown Collision Center offers the best spray painting services. Since it is the first thing to be seen and easiest service to be inspected customer, our spray painters have a huge responsibility. Nevertheless, they never fail to disappoint. We use the best paint in the market and of any color that you prefer. We also use high end spray painting equipment to ensure a seamless job. The skills, knowledge and expertise acquired by our professional team also go a long way in ensuring fast and reliable service. We are providing spray painting service at Annandale, Macdonaldtown, Glebe, Ashfield, Sydenham, Camperdown, Canterbury, Leichhardt, Summer Hill, Tempe, Erskineville, Hurlstone Park, Stanmore, Dulwich Hill, St Peters, Lily Field, Haberfield, Marrickville, Petersham, Chippendale, Newtown and Sydney area.

The Spray Painting Process

The spray painting process involves four major steps: Preparation, Colour Matching, Colour Spray Application and Inspection. Luckily our experts have been in the repair industry for years and we have earned a reputation for quality spray painting work. Read more about our facilities, or the spray painting process below.

1. Preparation

This usually involves preparing all the repaired parts or bare components with the appropriate primer. Some primers are applied just before the final coat thus reducing the amount of time spent on preparation. Primer ensures that the paintwork lasts for long periods of time without de-laminating the base materials. Once dry, dustless sanding equipment is used to smooth the surface and rid it of any minor imperfections. A similar preparation process is carried out on all the affected areas to ensure a seamless paint job.

2. Colour Matching

Colour matching is a critical part of the process hence the reason why we take extra care during this stage. We use various methods to determine the correct colour match and avoid getting started on the wrong foot. Once our team is sure that the colour has been properly matched, the next step is to ready the spray equipment. Our staff also has wear protective clothing during the spray process.

3. Color spray application

Before the colour as well as top coats are applied, Camperdown Collision Centre ensures that your car has been prepared, cleaned and masked. This process is critical as he paint has to be applied cleanly and consistently. This is why we have hired only the best painters who can get the job done right. A consistent cover of paint is applied on all affected areas starting with the colour then final protective coat. We apply the colour in such a manner that allows it to blend into the existing colour of the car. Different equipment is used to apply the final coat but using a similar approach. A lot of care is exercised during the painting process and once done, the baking cycle

4. Inspection

Once the baking cycle is over, the vehicle is inspected by our professional team for any imperfections. A custom light is utilized to identify any areas that may require denibbing, a term that refers to removal of paint imperfections from finished surfaces. We only use high grade equipment and products when denibbing is required. A re-inspection is then done and if no further paint imperfections are there, a hand polish is applied to give your car a sleek finish.

As you can see, the spray paint process by Camperdown Collision Center is quite thorough as our aim is to provide service of the highest quality to our customer. Don’t hesitate to give us a call when in need of a spray paint job on your car.

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