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Our Process

7 Steps to a quality smash repair, every time.


The team at Camperdown Collision Centre know that your car is important to you, and we repair all cars according to our quality 7 step repair process. We are committed to providing you your car back as new, read more about the step-by-step procedure below. Whether you want to learn more about our process, get a quote or just have a question, we welcome all enquiries.

  • Step 1

    Initial Consultation

    We discuss your initial requirements over call or email and book in the best time to bring your car in so that one of our experts can inspect the damage and suggest the best method to repair the damage on your car

  • Step 2

    Insurance approval

    Once we have an estimate, we share it with the insurance company. Usually an assessor will inspect either the pictures or the vehicle. We can’t start until they have approved the repair.

  • Step 3

    Parts ordering

    We check the availability of the parts required with one of our partners and then proceed with the order.

  • Step 4

    Disassembly, Body & Structural repair

    Our experience team use modern facilities to conduct the repairs needed, all according to the manufacturer’s specification

  • Step 5

    Paint & Reassembly

    We prepare your vehicle for painting in our climate-controlled booths, and then realign all your parts to factory specifications. This also involves using resetting all your car’s warning lights using latest computer connections

  • Step 6

    Polish, detailing and wash

    With the fresh paint work dried, we remove any minor imperfections and make a final inspection before contacting you to pick up your vehicle

  • Step 7

    Pick Up

    Your vehicle is now ready to be picked up, as new!