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Car Restoration Sydney

Restoration - don't choose the wrong repairers

Our service ensures that your car looks as good as new after completion. When it comes to car restoration, there are various processes that take place include exterior and interior restoration as well as engine restoration. The range of services offered here includes lead welding, under-sealing waxing, trimming and classic upholstery, colour matching, plastic welding, bodywork construction and powder coating just to name a few. We offer to restore not only the body of your car but other components. We also modify cars depending on the customer’s needs and preferences. On arrival at Camperdown Collision Centre, cars requiring restoration are disassembled and inspected to assess the amount of work that needs to be done. This helps us ensure that every damaged component is either repaired or replaced as required hence a car in top shape after completion.

Exterior Restoration

This can take on various forms depending on the type and extent of the damage. Whether it encountered an accident, was abandoned or is damaged as a result of other reasons, we will help you restore your car to its former glory.


Get your car back as good as new

Camperdown Collision doesn’t just offer spray painting and panel beating services. We also offer car restoration service to ensure. We are here to ensure that even after a grizzly accident, you car looks as good as new. Car restoration is a service that basically involves restoring a damaged vehicle, whether damaged heavily or simply scraped here and there, to its former glory. The personnel at Camperdown Collision Center are dedicated to giving and providing high quality restoration for customer vehicles. We are providing car restoration services at Annandale, Macdonaldtown, Glebe, Ashfield, Sydenham, Camperdown, Canterbury, Leichhardt, Summer Hill, Tempe, Erskineville, Hurlstone Park, Stanmore, Dulwich Hill, St Peters, Lily Field, Haberfield, Marrickville, Petersham, Chippendale, Newtown and Sydney areas.

In addition, cars can be modified depending on the customer’s requirements or needs. The restoration service doesn’t just cover the body of the car. It also covers other car components thus ensuring that it comes back to you at its best. And while there are several aspects of the car restoration process, the goal is universal – to turn a damaged vehicle to its original state. Our personnel ensure that your car undergoes various structural not to mention aesthetic changes. This allows us to accomplish and realize the universal goal of car restoration.

When it arrives at Camperdown Collision Center, a damaged car is disassembled. This is where the damaged area is taken apart before assessing and inspecting the chassis of the car. This is done to ensure that the chassis are in order as they are a major component of the structural foundation of the vehicle. The next step is usually to work on the engine and vehicle mechanism so as to bring the car to working order. The interiors and exteriors of the car are then aesthetically restored, thus marking the completion of the restoration process.

car restoration sydney
car restoration

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