AARN Green Certification approved for Camperdown Collision Centre!

The Australian Accident Repair Network (AARN) was formed in 1996 allowing quality individual vehicle repairers to have a voice in an industry that has often ‘silenced’ the smaller businesses. Today AARN are a respected industry body able to offer valuable opportunities to their nationwide member base of like-minded individuals in the panel repair industry. AARN have successfully formed an association based on fostering trustworthy relationships and quality systems and procedures. AARN’s Green Certification AARN Green Certification endorses repair network members for their commitment to the protection of the environment, and their ongoing assurance to meet industry “Best Practice”. Green certified businesses have addressed key issues in helping to reduce their environmental impact. AARN looks at disposal of waste products and storage practices, spill management, air quality, environmental management plans as well as water management systems to name a few. We are extremely honoured to be recognised by the AARN for our high standards and continual commitment to a better repair process. Various internal systems that we have put into place has led to AARN accrediting us with their Green Member Certification. Our customers can be ensured that we continually review our internal procedures so that we are able to uphold this certification and pave the way for other smash repairers around Sydney to consider their environmental impact when conducting repairs.